Garage Door Springs

Broken garage door springs and their replacement

Will you be able to operate your garage door without the springs? It is clear “no”. This explains the fact that how important the springs are for the functioning of your door.

Understanding their importance, it is much necessary to ensure good condition of garage door springs. When you open the garage door, springs counterbalance the door weight and let you have access to your garage. So, the garage door springs work the number of times that you open and close your door. The regular operating of the garage door results in the normal wear and tear of the springs, which can result into their breakage if not repaired. And once broken, you need to replace your garage door springs in order to have access to your garage.

Why do garage door springs break?

There are many conditions that can lead to the breaking of springs and here, we are going to mention those reasons.

  • Completion of life span: If you are aware, the life span of garage door springs is measured in cycles. Opening and closing the door makes a cycle. Usually, the life span of torsion springs is 10000-12000 cycles and that of extension springs is about 6000-7000 cycles. Once their life span completed, the springs can break anytime.
  • Environmental conditions: As the garage door springs are exposed to the environmental conditions like rain, sun, wind and more; they get weaken upon regular exposure to them. Even the extreme temperatures affect your door springs badly.
  • Lack of maintenance: Maintenance is the process which can extend the life span of every door part, provided that it is done properly and regularly. The lack of maintenance will leave your door springs dusty and they will also get prone to other conditions like corrosion. Thus, lack of maintenance can finally lead to the breaking of springs.
  • Improper installation: It is the least common reason which can cause your garage door springs to break.

However, no matter which condition has caused your garage door springs to break, you should get them replaced by the professional technicians. Many garage door owners try to replace the garage door springs thinking that it’s easy, but result in being injured and having a great damage of property. No doubt that the process seems easy when you read the instructions from the instruction manual or from the internet, but in actual there are risks involved in it. Due to this, you are always recommended to hire professional garage door service for every repair and replacement. 

Professional experts will ensure to do the job accurately; regardless they are doing the normal repairs or the most crucial task of replacing the garage door springs. When you hire professional services, you can have real peace of mind that the task will be done quickly and without any error. Moreover, you will be provided the warranty for services and the valuable tips for avoiding the problem in future. As garage door professionals will inspect the whole door system, they will prevent your door from encountering other problems, which in turn will assist you in saving money.