Garage Door Opener

Garage doors are one of the most essential parts of every residential as well as commercial unit and there are huge varieties available in market for selection. If you are searching hard for installation of new garage door unit at home but not able to find the right product that suits your demands then it is good to take suggestions from some experts. One of the most important parts of every garage door unit is its opener as it determines its performance and reliability conditions so one must consider selection of opener as a major parameter for new installations. Garage door openers play useful role in operation of whole unit because they use to hold its movement related activities and provide complete assistance for easy working.

There is no doubt to say that garage door openers usually suffer more wear and tear losses because they are designed with delicate structures and have to handle lots of movements. Although you can easily find lots of brands for these openers but originally there are four major types of technologies used for designing garage door openers and they lead to designs in form of chain drive type, belt drive, screw drive and jackshaft type openers. All of them possess unique features and have different advantage as well as disadvantages so you can make selections depending upon your application requirements and budget.

The most popular one out of different types of garage door openers are chain drive type openers because they are more reliable and least expensive but the only problem with this design is excess noise production during operation that cannot be tolerated for attached garage door units. Thus this category of openers is preferred for commercial applications mainly and for detached garage door areas. The second most used category is belt drive type openers and they are best for attached garage door units because they make least noise and can serve owners for years without any maintenance requirement. Actually they are designed with a belt type pulley that use to assist during opening and closing movements of door, this belt can move around the area very softly without making any noise so these products are more preferred by owners. The third type of openers is screw drive type and their cost occurs between chain drive and belt drive type openers but they are able to handle door units with very heavy weights. The last one is jackshaft type openers and they are used for some specific applications for example in those buildings where height of ceiling do not allow installation of openers on roof and we need to check for connections of side wall surfaces. Jackshaft type openers allow installations over side walls and they still serve with much better performance.

With this information it becomes much easier to make decision about which type of garage door unit is suitable for you but incase if your door unit is not working well then it is good to call some experts for garage door repair from industries. Those professionals are well trained for this repair work and can serve you with on time solution for garage door openers replacement and repair.